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“I was incredibly blessed the day Wanda Peyton walked into my life. She is motivating, thought provoking, challenging, encouraging, and a dynamic speaker. She has been a vital part of the culture of our company. Wanda has changed the lives of countless agents in our offices. She is  such a driven individual that she drives everyone around her to be the best they can be. Wanda is an outstanding coach. Our company would never be the same without her influence and charisma. I am honored to call her my friend and colleague. Wanda has more energy than anyone else that I know.”  

Cheryl Skolnick Co Owner Keller Williams Realty -

Cheryl Skolnick

I think I will find it hard to describe in words all that Wanda Peyton has done in my life both professionally and personally. She has a strong background of work ethics in the industry of real estate. Wanda helped me learn how to manage my emotional energy,motivation, mindset and how to make shift right on the spot. 
With the day to day challenges that we encounter, it will always be helpful to have a support like Wanda to stay focus and on track. Her abilities, experience and knowledge are truly impressive. I can say that I am honored and proud to write this review for her. She is influential and instrumental in anyone's lives who have experienced coaching with her. She is a person who is committed at exceeding your expectations. With honesty and warmth that she brings to any trusting relationship. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a personal coach, business coach and a friend. 
I have to say, Thank you for everything you have done, Wanda!

Kerry Thomson

I will always be in gratitude for the coaching and direction Wanda Peyton has helped. Me with. She helped me focus my way out of some very depressing or disappointing places, with my business and my life. 

She has truly helped me to overcome a doubting/negative mindset and showed me how to get into gratitude and see the positive, the light, into the solution mode in my stuations. 

Wanda Peyton is heaven sent, GOD has used her as an instrument in my life. 

I must say, mindset is a big part of Success and this is one of the areas where she always helped me see past my current situations to my future situations. 

Along with Minset & Gratitude, she has helped me overcome my fears and work through some controlling behaviors into a having and owning a productive business. She helped me see my potential and has helped me and continues to help me build a productive team and business. 

If you are unsure of what your next step is, or you feel overwhelmed and just unsure, you should take the opportunity given to you and meet ith WandaPeyton as I am sharing my wonderful experience and blessing from God. 

I will always continue to keep her as my coach.

Wanda Torres

I can't say enough great things about Wanda! She is amazing. Not only is she an awesome mentor, she is a ray of light! She genuinely cares about you, and your success. She will help you achieve your goals, and will cheer for you along the way! 
She has helped me in so many ways. I am forever grateful!

Jennifer Berry

Wanda, I can't thank you enough for introducing me to the Best Year Yet program. It has been such an inspiring and motivating experience to complete my Best Year Yet plan with your support. Your coaching has been instrumental in providing clear manageable and exciting goals. It has given me valuable clarity for setting my annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. You are such a blessing.

Sandy Mehr

I've had the pleasure of working with Wanda over the last few months and she has been a great asset to my business. Whether I need someone to bounce ideas off of or just need someone to keep me on track and help me improve my business she always delivers what I need. Wanda has an amazing ability to connect with all types of personalities and help agents develop a business plan that is individual to their needs. I not only consider Wanda a great mentor, but a great friend as well. I feel blessed and grateful to have her in my life.

Sherri Kavala

Prior to becoming an independent Broker/Owner, I sought the wisdom of Wanda Peyton. After listening to Wanda's energized seminars and watching her success over the years, I knew she was the one woman I could trust for consultation on a personal and business level. Wanda truly believes in her dreams to help you live "your" dreams to full potential. Wanda is dedicated to help you find whatever maybe holding you back from being the best you can be. She cares deeply for people, focus on important details, and has superb communication skills. I highly recommend Wanda as a phenomenal Coach and Mentor because she walks the talk and models a energized life!

Michele Hampton

I have had the Absolute PLEASURE of knowing and being Mentored by Wanda Peyton over the the past 7 or 8 years. My life, relationships, and business have been enriched by her training, knowledge, sincerity, and love. Wanda has this energy that causes ANYONE to believe they can FLY.....that coupled with her extensive business knowledge will cause anyone who is under her mentorship to Soar. I am back working my Real Estate business after 5 years off. I am re-building my business, acquainting myself with new technologies, and I have to say it is overwhelming. It was Wanda who reminded me I am in a people business and I have EVERYTHING it takes to be successful! Wanda brought to my attention how important consistency is and not to get so paralized by the other stuff that I forget to get to the people....I credit my last 2 transactions to Wanda...She Gave me the Cutting Edge yet Simple Idea, Gave me the Courage to Follow Through, and Celebrated my successes....Thank you Wanda for all you do to Enrich the Lives of EVERYONE you come in contact with...You are truly amazing...I want to be you when I grow up!

Josette Davis

Wanda is the best coach and friend I have ever met. I hope I can keep her as a friend forever. I thank her for all the advise and coaching she has given to me. We clicked the very first time we met. I walked into our first session without knowing what I would encounter but I did not expect such a fun, loving, and caring coaching session. It wasn't all about just "business". Wanda genuinely cares for what is going on in my life and really tries to see what it is that "I" need in "my" life in order to help me progress in "my" business. I take in all the advise she gives me because I truly believe she comes from experience which you can't ever

compete with. Thank you Wanda for all you do!!!

Hanna Sohn

Positive Energy and really a great source of solution.. that is my Mentor, Wanda! I will definitely recommend you in a heartbeat. 
Thank you for helping me discover my inner strength and showing me what dreams are really made of! My real estate career has truly been in the right direction because of your guidance. I only not gained a mentor but a real friend! 
Thumbs up for all that you do and continue to do....what a blessing to be coached by YOU!

Eugenie Saniel

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