"Your Thoughts Go Out and Prepare a Place for Your"  Wayne Dyer



My name is Wanda Peyton, I am the CEO of Life Energized Coaching, Training and Speaking, which partners with Best Year Yet Online Planning and Tracking.  I am also the Co-Author of Life Lessons of Mastering the Law of Attraction These resources offer a platform that supports the power of focus, awareness and management of emotional energy, plans of action, tracking results and accountability which have been the transformational tools that have and are turning dreams into reality.

My passion is supporting women realtors, lenders and other relative fields  in blending success, performance and emotional energy management strategies.  As a certified human behavior consultant I help my clients gain a deeper awareness of their dominate personality proclivities so that they can begin to make life and career choices which support their indivdual brilliances.

Most importantly, women realtors enter my coaching program to  learn how to integrate the inner and outer strategies of success both personally and professionally. They tell me that during this process they noticed hugh transformations in both self love and personal empowerment, the strtegies of success as well as enhanced emotional energy management








  • Learn How To Recognize and Replace the "ANTs" (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that are sabotaging your success with old with new empowering ones.


  • Learn Processes to Overcome obstacles, procrastination &  overwhelm.


  •  Recognize the Roles you play in your life and what your top priorities are, then learn strategies to help manage your time more effectively


  • Become more organized, productive and efficient both personally and professionally.


  •  Launch an annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals and plans of actions to achieve your goals, dreams and desire.


  • Be held accountable and track your progress.


  •  Increase your self-esteem and gain more self-confidence.


  •  Learn to establish daily rituals which will support you in breaking free from limiting beliefs and attachments.


Together, we’ll accomplish all of this and more!


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