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What is Behavioral Life Coaching?

Behavioral Life Coaching is a profession that combines Behavioral Analysis, Life Coaching and Counseling. This powerful approach to the coaching process which helps clients solve life issues by analyzing human behavior, personality styles, then utilizes spiritual and traditional goal setting and achievement coaching and counseling strategies to achieve desired results.

Hi there, my name is Wanda Peyton and I am a Certified Behavior Conultant, Trainer and Coach and the CEO of Life Energized Coaching, Training and Speaking, which partners with Best Year Yet Online Planning and Tracking.  These resources offer a platform that supports the power of focus, awareness and management of emotional energy, plans of action, tracking results and accountability which have been the transformational tools that have and are turning dreams into reality.

In the Best Year Yet online goal planning assessment there are 10 life changing questions. Question #4 "How Do I Limit Myself?" is often the most challenging but it is an opportunity for personal transformation and can make the biggest difference to your success. In order to have your best year yet, you need to make sure you are thinking about yourself in a way that helps you succeed rather than holds you back. 

So often many of the 100's of clients I've coached and mentored over the years seem to be completely blind to the fact that they have been engaged in destructive negative self talk to the point where they have cut themselves off from any creative solutions and even potential existing resources which could support them in reaching personal and career goals. 

I call these type of thoughts ANTs, Automatic - Negative - Thoughts. They are so insidious and so very destructive. When we continue to feed them just like the real ants, they expand. They go back and tell all their negative friends and relatives to head over to your negative mindset where there is sustenance and before you know it your beautiful sweet emotional mindset is covered with negative thoughts and images which keep you stuck in fear, worry and inactivity.

I recall coaching a real estate agent who, as she entered by office was initially frustrated, fearful and irritated that her business was stagnant. We began our coaching session, as I always do with getting in a quiet place and setting an intention for our session. Next, we began to focus on what was working in her career, I had her make a list of the clients she was currently working with and who she had in her pipeline and then asked her what was closing and when?  Literally within minutes I saw her experienced an emotional shift. You could feel it in the room and see it in her eyes. What happened next was amazing. She began to remember lead after lead that she hadn't told me about because she had forgotten about them until her energy shifted. When she left my office she had over 25 potential clients in which she had completely forgotten because she had been focusing on what wasn't working.  This Realtor is now one of her company's most successful.

My specialty is supporting women in blending success performance and emotional energy management strategies with human behavior analysis consultation with the technology of the Best Year Yet Online Platform and Traditional Skill Set development gives my clients an immense opportunity for growth and ultimate success both personally and within their careers.

To begin your coaching experience feel free to contact me for a complimentary 30 min coaching session at 951-317-7944 today!


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